My New Blog and Why I Made It

Those who know me know I love technology. I’m particularly a fan of Apple products, which is why I started I love writing for the site and the experience of it, but I found over time that I had a lot of other topics in technology that I wanted to talk about. Some of it about Apple, some about Google, Microsoft, gaming, Internet TV, and a variety of topics in the tech world. Some of these things just didn’t accomodate EasyOSX, and I wanted another outlet to share these ideas and musings.

So that brings us to the present day. I want to start writing about a variety of tech topics. Some of my posts will be either come or be posted to EasyOSX, but for the most part this is just my general thoughts and musings about anything I want to talk about in the world of technology.

As a budding developer, I may use this as a platform to talk about that, get ideas, or just rant. Some of it is school related (ok, a lot of it is school related), but some of it involves personal projects that I’m excited about getting into. There’s quite a bit I want to share and want an outlet to share it with. I’m happy to have a conversation about any of the things I talk about, whether you agree with me, disagree with me, or just want to add your two sense. If I was expecting or wanting other people’s feedback, I wouldn’t be posting this online.

Let’s see where the wind takes me.

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